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Jackson Ukuevo of Ronchess Global Resources Ltd Discusses the Importance of Innovation in Road Transport

Progress is the ultimate driver of civilization, taking the human race out of the caves all the way to the stars. It is safe to assert that transportation has played a pivotal role in this advancement as it has enabled global trade and supported national economies through facilitating the distribution of raw materials, manufactured goods, and human resources. On the other hand, it has become one of the main issues in modern society given its impact on the environment, and these concerns have galvanized efforts to accelerate innovation in the sector. “Life is impossible to imagine without private and commercial vehicles traversing the roads, carrying good and people within and across borders,” comments Jackson Ukuevo, founder and managing director of Ronchess Global Resources Limited. “However, land transport is also one of the most significant contributors to air pollution and drains land resources, which makes it imperative to prioritize innovation for the sake of sustainable economic growth and environmental preservation.”

The digital revolution is already having a powerful impact on road transport, with work on autonomous vehicles advancing by leaps and bounds and smart solutions improving traffic management and the overall travel experience. Additionally, personalized and on-demand services are helping address urban mobility issues such as traffic congestion and public transport efficiency. Still, the creation of a truly sustainable and safe global road system necessitates innovation at the physical level, says Jackson Ukuevo. As he explains, this involves applying the latest in materials and building technology to support road construction and infrastructure development for the modern age. Among the most exciting innovations are the use of recycled plastic to build roads, modular designs, and concrete mixes that can self-heal. Some of the concepts relate to signaling systems, an example being luminous surfaces that can greatly improve traffic safety.

Implementing innovative solutions in road construction and infrastructure development is no longer optional if the world is to move forward in a sustainable way, according to Jackson Ukuevo. The use of environment-friendly or recycled materials is critical for dealing with climate change, while new building techniques can increase the longevity of road networks, reducing maintenance costs in the process. As vehicles, work patterns, and travel preferences evolve, designers and builders have to take into account the fluid nature of mobility and reconcile it with the need for transportation services that are fast, convenient, and sustainable. Coupled with the power of smart digital technologies to streamline traffic management and improve road safety, the focus on next-generation building solutions in the transportation sector can ensure the planet’s smooth transition into the future.

Jackson Ukuevo has served as managing director of Lagos, Nigeria-based Ronchess Global Resources Limited since 2008, guiding the company he founded on its mission to become the traffic solutions provider of choice well beyond its domestic market of Kaduna state, Nigeria, where the company is currently building and constructing seven major roads and two major bridges. Drawing on his extensive practical experience as a start-up entrepreneur, Jackson Ukuevo works closely with clients to ensure the application of rigorous quality standards and the execution of projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. His leadership style is characterized by a focus on inspiration and motivation, which has helped him grow his own business into an operation with more than 350 employees and multi-million-dollar annual revenues.

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Jackson Ukuevo of Ronchess Global Resources Ltd on the Role of New Technologies in Improving Traffic Safety:

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